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 The Graffiti Museum Company is an art museum based in Gibsons B.C. Collecting, archiving and exhibiting global street art since 2018. Our non-profit organization The Free Paint Foundation offers grants to urban artists. 

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 In January 2020, Gibsons Public Art Gallery presented an exhibition entitled ‘Ghosts of Graffiti’, curated by Beau Smith and Gerald Shaffer, The exhibition consisted of high-resolution photographic reproductions and large canvases, and as part of a larger project ‘The Graffiti Museum Company’. Installed in our gallery, the effect was overwhelming. Although we handled the normal promotional activities (generation of artwork for e-newsletters, website, social media, print ads, posters) Beau and Gerald took on, in addition, a huge social media campaign that reached thousands. 

Their creativity extended to a very animated opening reception, with graffiti artists creating works in real time, and a demonstration of virtual reality. They also took complete responsibility for the food and beverage for the event. The result was one of the most vibrant and successful openings we have seen. My impression is that we saw a cross-section of visitors and we do not normally see in the gallery. Our community was intrigued and even our mayor came to check it out.

Beau and Gerald worked tirelessly to ensure that this exhibition was a success, and our collaboration was seamless. I think that other public galleries will be interested in taking a serious look at hosting this project.

Michael Aze

Ghosts of Graffiti, in the main showroom at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery, might be one of the most conceptually innovative art exhibits ever to be staged on the Sunshine Coast

Rik Jespersen